Growing up in Little Rock, Arkansas Chad knew he either wanted to do two things:  

be an actor or and NBA basketball player.  Luckily, genetics had the final say.  


After completing his undergraduate studies and working professionally as an actor for a year, he decided to go back to school and to pursue an M. F. A. in acting.   He was accepted by Penn State and graduated in the Fall of 2009.  Since then, Chad has worked from coast to coast, not only acting and directing, but playing music, as well.


Through his work with the American Shakespeare Center and the Sonoma Valley Shakespeare Company, Chad has become a multi-instrumentalist, playing piano, guitar, ukelele, bass, melodica, and his favorite, the kazoo.  Chad also has had the opportunity to compose music for the Vagabond Theatre Company, the Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre, the Sonoma Valley Shakespeare Company, as well as independant projects.  

You can check out his work here:

Chad Bradford’s Soundcloud


Chad has had the good fortune to do quite a bit of teaching in his career.  He began when he was still in high school.  His teachers gave him time to prepare lesson plans and actually teach sections of a Drama I class.  In college he worked with many different local children’s groups, and finally in grad school he was not only a T. A. for two classes, he also had his own acting class.  Since then he has been a guest artist for the American Shakespeare Center (in conjunction with the Hathaway Brown School, Cleveland, OH), as well as Shake on the Lake Shakespeare Festival, the Sonoma Valley Shakespeare Company, and the Arkansas Arts Center.  At the Arkansas Arts Center, Chad has had the opportunity to teach theatre and singing for the past four summers.


The creation of theatre is a fascinating and multi-faceted experience.  One that captured Chad’s imagination at an early age.  Chad has been involved with the creation and writing of several new-works.  Most recently, BOBO’S FIRST CHRISTMAS and THE HALLOWEEN SHOW with the Vagabond Theatre Company and a new adaptation of DR. FAUSTUS with the Sonoma Valley Shakespeare Company.   Last summer Chad wrote and directed an adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, at the Arkansas Arts Center entitled, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S SUPERSTAR.  Chad has also had his work published.  He and collaborator Bob May wrote JACK AND BELLA, FROM BEANSTALK TO BROADWAY, published by Heuer Publishing.  


“Bradford’s mischievous yet sweet bass voice oozes charisma. Yet, his cunning and guile is firmly underpinned by a sharp sense of humor. He’s the heart of the show.”

-Theatre Jones, THE FANTASTICKS @Eisemann Center, Dallas, TX

“Chad Bradford brings humor and likability, plus a lovely tenor voice, to awkward Professor Bhaer.”

-Omaha World Herald, LITTLE WOMEN @Omaha Playhouse/Nebraska Theatre Caravan

“The cast was perfect. Chad Bradford, as El Gallo, […] has a warm, sumptuous baritone and a commanding presence.”

-Reading Eagle, THE FANTASTICKS @Miller Center, Reading, PA

“New York actor Chad Bradford comes closest to accessing Cash’s deep sound, and his theatrical take on “A Boy Named Sue” is a definite highlight. His country sound and bass range anchor several numbers.”

-Encore Michigan, RING OF FIRE

“Where [the play] succeeds, it mostly involves the excellent physical comic abilities of Chad Bradford in the title role.”

-Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, PUSS IN BOOTS, @Arkansas Arts Center Children’s Theatre

“Bradford’s rendition of the classic “A Boy Named Sue,” written by poet Shel Silverstein, was excellent. Bradford was able to make the song his own. Bradford’s bass vocals in “Daddy Sang Bass” showed an excellent range . . .” 

-Western Herald, RING OF FIRE

“El Gallo, who was played by Chad Bradford, provided one of the strongest performances of the cast. His musical performances were strong, his on-stage presence played well along with the other characters, and his overall envelopment into the persona of El Gallo really brought a sense of trepidation for the fate of Matt and Lusia.”

-Western Herald, FANTASTICKS @Miller Center, Kalamazoo, MI, by Micheal Bond

“. . .  the play took an effective turn into the Tragedy of Macduff . . . Bradford’s Macduff never showed a glint of satisfaction; for him, none can ever be had . . . In such hands as  [Bradford’s], we can see how the scene is a vital part of Shakespeare’s plot.”, MACBETH

 " . . . [Bradford] is the best thing about the second half of the show."

-Center Daily Times, THE APPLE TREE @Pennsylvania Center Stage

" . . .the Duke, played exceptionally by Chad Bradford.", MEASURE FOR MEASURE

“His [Bradford’s] singing and his speaking voice was superb.”

-The Daily Nonpareil, THE FANTASTICKS, @Iowa Western, Council Bluffs, Iowa 

 “All of these portrayals of one of Shakespeare’s most enigmatic characters seemed “definitive” when I saw them. Then came this definitive but totally different portrayal by Chad Bradford . . . Bradford was endearingly goofy as he unconvincingly tried to play the part of a priest, twirling his crucifix and giving Juliet a resounding smack on the forehead when he blessed her.”, MEASURE FOR MEASURE

" . . . Chad Bradford’s Poor Tom is hysterical and so believable, and threatens to steal the show!", KING LEAR

“The jokes and puns started within minutes, with Chad Bradford taking the stage.  […] Bradford played a delightfully melodramatic Romeo with relish… The actors worked their audience well, eliciting chuckles from every age as they lovingly poked fun at one of Shakespeare’s most prized plays.”

-The Country Courier, COMPLETE WORKS OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, ABRIDGED @Shake on the Lake Shakespeare

"What’s wonderful about Chad is that he’s such a versatile actor.  He really gets the language in Shakespeare. He knows how to speak it; he knows how to tell the stories; he knows how we like to work.”

-Josh Rice, Producing Artistic Director, Shake on the Lake Shakespeare Festival


Chad currently resides in New York City.